The world of corporate video production is vast we provide crew to the big names in the corporate sector. We have over 300 crew located all across the country so we can provide you with crew close to your location for all the cost effective economical reasons (No Hotels, Low Mileage, Travel time ETC). Whether you are filming an MD Speech or a whole seminar we hold over 20 years experience to cover all aspects of the corporate world.

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We can provide services for:

  • Training Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Webcasting / Live Streaming
  • Videos for Websites
  • MD Speeches
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Charity Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Camera
  • Sound
  • Vision Mixer
  • Director
  • Reporter

We also offer FTP or Portable Uplink Equipment for when you need the footage sent same day.


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